Astrology and related stuffs are open to everyone, and it is absolutely free to learn about them. You can also perform tharpanams to honour your ancestors. You can learn about Moolavar, Tulukka Nachiyar, Raja Serfoji, and Varanandini. Read on to discover which ones you should perform. But, which one is the most important?


On the Varanandini thirthi or tharpanam, people perform the rituals associated with this day by not eating or drinking anything. However, it is still essential to perform daily rituals on this day, including taking another bath. This tharpanam is performed with a handful of water, not a spoonful. The water should be poured into the hand through the space between the four fingers, thumb, and index finger. Then, a pinch of black til is sprinkled on the hand that is poured out into the water.

Tulukka Nachiyar

The Hindu religion is rich in devotional music, especially in Tamil Nadu. Tulukka Nachiyar, Thithi and Harpanam are among the most popular music festivals in Tamil Nadu. These days, newly-weds visit the river bank and tie the Mangalya Sutra. Hindu men perform special pujas and food. They also sing songs and play percussion instruments.

Raja Serfoji

The library of King Serfoji is a treasure trove of knowledge. He accumulated nearly 4000 volumes from all over the world and enriched his collection by adding notes to medical treatises written in English. The collection includes works on Vedanta, grammar, dance, drama, music, astronomy, and medicine. The king also collected instruments for treating ailments and establishing a pharmaceutic godown.


During the festivals and daily prayers, people perform a special ritual called Moolavar. This involves taking a bath in a water tank in the presence of five sages, offering them different types of food. The sages are regarded as the representative of the five elemental aspects of the earth. The goal is to please these five forces. This pooja can be performed by any gender.

Vaishnavite temples

There are many Vaishnavite temples in the state of Tamil Nadu. In Thithi or Harpanam, there are many that honor the God Vishnu. Each of these temples has separate grabagriha and srikovil. Women are prohibited from visiting these temples, but are permitted to participate in ritualistic activities during the month of Thiruvathira.

Performing thithi or tharpanam

Performing thithi or tharpenam is an important aspect of Hinduism. This ritual is performed to honor the ancestors by offering them water mixed with Ellu or Til. These ancestors are dependent on the younger generation for nourishment, and it is therefore important that you perform tharpanam on relevant days. Performing tharpanam on sacred rivers and in temples is another option.


If you're interested in performing tharpanam, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. Performing tharpanam is a ritual that is performed by the maternal side issues and maternal uncle. It is meant to gain pithru blessings, which includes interest. When you're due something, performing tharpanam is a good way to get it.

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