We Sri dhakshina rashtriya purowhithal seva sammelan Trust was established in karunguzhi on october 2020 for collecting donations and creating new life or re-life for school students, ladies, Farmers, old age people.

Death ceremony conducting places, and creating after death related poojas and performing Final rituals and thithi services or tharpanam etc.

SDRPSS Trust to make research in Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture for the welfare of the community at large without discrimination of caste. creed etc with objects and constitution us hereinafter set

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Everyone can get the right need for their life


Giving New life for Ladies, Farmers, Old age People, and School students 

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Iyer Services For Thithi

When you’re in the market for thithi services , consider the iyer vadhyars or purowithal and Divinite. Read on to learn about Samagri and the thithi procedure. If you’re looking for the most authentic iyer service in tamilnadu, look no further. This article covers all the essentials.

iyer vadhyars or purwithal services

There are many different reasons why you would want to use an Iyer vadhyar for thithi. It is important to find one that relates to the thithi and gotra you have chosen, because these two are very different from one another. Iyer vadhyars are a good choice for a thithi, since they are able to make sure that your thithi is as auspicious as possible.


If you are looking for iyer services in chennai or tamilnadu for a pooja, then you have come to the right place. Divinite provides a variety of Thithi services in Tamilnadu. It also provides Pooja services and religious activities. The cost of a chennai or rameshwaram Thithi can vary greatly, so be sure to shop around to find the best price. The procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and you’ll need one priest to complete the pooja. For both men and women, you’ll need to wear white pancha and wear Indian attire.

The pooja is performed as per the Gotra and Thithi. It also helps to attract good energy to those who need it. This prayer is often done during the funeral of a deceased individual. It is a way to honor a loved one and to experience positive vibes throughout your life. While you’re at it, you can also perform the pooja yourself at home to ensure maximum results.


The puja Samagri contains turmeric. It is an important part of the Puja Samagri and is worshipped for its purifying effect. It is also used to make Diyas, which are ancient lamps that are lit on fire and offer the blessings of the gods. It is also worshipped as a symbol of Subiksha, the yogic state of bliss.

The pooja at an Iyer service is very simple and is usually performed by two or five Sumangalis. The pooja is not elaborate and is conducted only for women. The pondugals are also served food first. This way, they can receive the best of the pooja. The Iyer services for Thithi are important for the Hindu community and are held during festivals. There are many Hindu rituals held in the temples of Tamil Nadu.

thithi procedure

Using Iyer services for the thithi procedure is a great way to ensure that the ritual will be performed properly. The Hindu rites of homam, or death ceremony, carry great importance in the Hindu culture. We allow a person to be re-united with their ancestors. Typically, the son of the deceased person performs this procedure.

Many people from across the world seek the help of Iyer services for this sacred procedure. If you are considering going through the thithi procedure but aren’t sure how much it will cost, it’s a good idea to get a free quote. Then, if you are looking for more information about thithi procedure costs, Divinite is the way to go.

The Importance of Final Rituals and Homam

After death, the family performs the final riruals and holam. These rites are a reflection of a person’s life. They may also include Santhi-homam and Agni-homam. After the Santhi-homam, the body is sprinkled with Holy Water to cleanse it. Other rituals include offering food and applying herbs to the body. The Havan is performed in order to appease the God of Fire, Agni. During the homam, verses are recited while the performer asks the god to forgive the deceased’s mistakes and sins.

  • Santhi-homam

    When it comes to a cremation, the final rites of a Santhi-homam are important, not only for the deceased but for their loved ones as well. These elaborate funeral rituals are known as Shraddh rites and require the services of a skilled pandit. The rules involved in nourishing the departed soul are similar to the rules governing the delivery of a care package to a foreign country. The address, the customs forms, the postage and registration must be accurate, and any other information that is incorrect could jeopardize the delivery of the package and the desired outcome of the ritual.

  • Agni-homam

    Homas are ancient Hindu rituals that harness the sattvic energy of the deity Agni. These rituals, also known as Homa, Puja, or Yajna, are performed at specific times, depending on the lunar cycle and major planetary transits. Homas are also performed in celebrations. The fire used in Homas is considered sacred and helps remove karma and negative aspects in horoscopes and Vastu. The fire also cleanses the environment, creates peace, and provides a connection with the gods.

  • ativahika body dissolves on tenth day

    The term ativahika originates from Upanishads. Activahika means dead carrier and the period of impurity differed according to caste. It lasted for eleven days and the higher castes had shorter periods of impurity. Once the impurity period ended, the deceased can resume regular temple going. The date of the major auspicious family rituals may be postponed for one year until sapindi karana is performed.

  • Fire rituals

    The practice of performing fire rituals is considered one of the most beneficial ways to achieve spiritual awakening. The homa fire energy automatically reaches the person performing it and fulfils their deepest desires, leaving them with a feeling of completeness. While it is difficult to predict the precise impact of methanol combustion, it does not seem to be significantly different from other ingredients used in the Homam ritual. The smoke produced by the homa ritual has the effect of purifying the participants, which is beneficial for both the homam and the participant.

  • Praayaschitta Homam

    The husband is responsible for the final rituals. On the third day, he is supposed to wake up the bride and ask her to leave her and go to another girl in her father's house. In other Hindu traditions, the groom performs these rites for his wife. The husband also gives her rice. This ritual is based on the belief that the Agni will remove all the bad aspects in her.

Benefits of Annadanam

Ancient Indians regarded hunger as the greatest disease. This is because it strikes everyone and no one is immune to it. The Puranas state that our stomach is like agni kund, one of the panchabhoots. It demands food regularly. If we deny it, our life ceases. Thus, helping to provide for the stomach is more virtuous than performing thousands of yagnyas.

  • Annadanam is a form of danam

    The Vedas have many types of dreams. One such dream is 'Anandanam', which means to give food to someone. Food is a basic need for human life, and giving food to a devout Hindu is considered the ultimate act of charity. Performing anandanam can ensure the donor gets first entrance into heaven. It is a popular Hindu ritual, and is performed at temples across the country every Tuesday evening after the Hanuman Abhishekam, Chalisa chanting, and Aarthi. This is a tradition that dates back to the temple's founding.

  • It improves strength, sharpness of brain and divinity

    Giving food to the hungry is an apt metaphor for performing Annadanam. Feeding others is the greatest joy in the world, and a ritual which helps improve one's strength, sharpness of the brain and divinity. The act of giving food is a mandatory ritual in all communities in the Indian subcontinent. The prasadam that is served during the abishegam is a staple of Hindu diet.

  • It brings happiness to both sides

    The act of giving food to the poor has many religious and social benefits. The food is considered to be as satisfying as performing a yagna. In fact, human beings cannot live without food. Giving food to those in need is equated with achieving heaven. Giving food to devotees is even more fulfilling than attaining heaven itself. The word "Annam" derives from the Sanskrit word "daanam," which means "food". It is considered a form of charity and is often performed in temples and amma canteens.

  • It is a noble cause

    Giving food to the poor is considered a supreme danam. According to Hindu scriptures, Annadanam is equivalent to performing a yagna. Food is the most basic need of man, but the effect is much greater than this. Food is not only needed by the poor, but also sustains the entire creation. In this light, giving food to the hungry is the equivalent of achieving heaven.

  • It is tax-exempt

    Giving money to the Annadanam is a tax-exempt way to contribute to a worthy cause. This noble service activity is done every year in the name of the donor and his family members. It is tax-exempt as the donor can enjoy tax benefits on the amount he donates. In addition to that, annadanam also enjoys a generous interest rate, which is why it is an ideal choice for large donors.


We are welcoming all peoples For donations, read our objects to know details

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Objects of the Trust For School Students

  •  To give donations to educational institutions of any kind Including technical institutions for creating endowments, for giving scholarships to the students. infrastructure deselopment and for distributing prizes to the students irrespective of Sex. (‘Oslo, Creed, Religion. Etc .
  • 10 encourage studies of all faculties and to Institute poles. endowment, shields. Rolling 1

rophies. etc . for students in any School. College of t di:cantina! Institutions

  •  Initiate _Scholarship. award or the studies. research and appienticeship and pay oot such stipend, school. college tees. funds for purchase or books. equipment. uniforms and interest free loan and other incentives to study without any distinction of caste. creed. religion and sex etc etc.. on such terms as the thistees deem fit commensurate with the income of the trust.
  • 10 organin meeting, conferences. seminars. symposiums and workshop on education of all pursuits.
  • To takeover any existing educational institution, schools, other centers of education and to

conduct. run. maintain, develop and improve the same without any profit motive.

  • To bring out. encourage and develop the imagist, and research faculties of the pupils, teachers etc.. by affording financial or other help
  • To establish. maintain, open, found. promote. up. run. des clop. Intros, extend,assist. finance, support and or aid or help. grant donations to paadasaala    kind of sedan, aptitam & purvwhitham. cic. ) nursery. primary schools, middle schools. high school, higher secondary schools. teacher training school, matriculation schools. technical schools or nraitutes. Teacher training Schools. all type of Colleges. Institutes of Higher learning. Centres for Higher Studies for ads ancement of Arts, Science. Commerce. Industry and other fields of learning as calculated to be of use in impacting education to the student population in particular
  •  gist donations, grant aid in establishing. maintaining. running and managing Hostels. Boarding I tomes. orphanages, home for physically and menwIly handicapped. children’s homes, free hostel, such either institutions let providing accommodation and other facilities to the poor students. trances. apprrnliccs. researchers or instructors without any profit motive.

Objects of the Trust For Medical services

  • To encourage children and youth in sports through necessary activities.
  • To establish. develop. run. manage. maintain. grant aid in cash or in kind to hospitals. Health Centres medical colleges. Paramedical colleges. nursing institutions. dispensaries. Nursing Homes. maternity homes. child welfare centres. andtor such other similar charitable institutions and assist in providing material aid to the sick and destitute and suffering public grant. free medical aid and other clinical facilities in India for the benefit and use of general public.
  • To maintain ambulance for carrying on the prinnuy purpose of the society viz.. relief of poor and medical relief.to work for eradication of HIV/AIDS by organizing and conducting awareness camps, distributing contraceptives
  • arranging meetings and seminar for propagating and creating awarermss on I 1 1 V /AIDS.
  • To redress the grievances of victims to HIV/AIDS. STD. TB. Cancer and other life killing diseases.
  • 1′ o assist people at the time of disasters such as flood. epidemics. fire, drought. earth war. famine. atomic radiation, accident etc.
  • To promote mass integration to regenerating unity among the public through awareness. cultural sports and other cultural activities.
  • To prostate thnft among womenfolk in rural areas by organizing Maluilir Mantrams. Self Help Groups and to fight To Co-operate. federate and alight with International Philanthropic Institution, etc.

    against Female Infanticide. Child labour. Bonded debt. and Child Abuse.

Objects of the Trust against Child Labour and poverty

  • To work for Child development and fight against Child labour.
  • To provide free legal assistance to the poor and the under privileged in respect of matters or disputes arising out of. or incidental to their nghts.
  • To redeem the child prostitutes. women prostitutes and to redress the grievance of tic rescued child prostitutes. further to make arrangements and
  • To Organize the Unorganized people in the rural and remote areas and retaking them into Self Help Groups, Women clubs. Youth clubs. Amociations. etc., in order to bringing self sustainahility. communal harmony and National Integration.organize programs Sr eradicating the social evil of women and child prostitution.
  •  To educate the importance of adoption of child to the childless
  • To provide services and facilities for the purpose of dissemination of information on. or demonstration farm, equipment and modern techniques or methods of processing. marketing and storage of seeds to the Agriculturists.

Objects of the Trust for Farmers and Water Development Resources

  • To provide services or facilities given to seed growers for the purpose, of storage. transport. and insurance of seeds.
  • To carry. out any pmgmnt for conservation of natural resources or of afforestation.
  • To do feasibility study and Scientific Research in Agiculture and Rural Economy.
  • To educate the small and marginal fanners. the importance in respect of insurance against risk of damage or destruction of standing crops etc. by taking crop and other
  • To provide aid in the shape of loan. grant. or subsidy to the small and marginal farmers in and around the Villages of 1 until Nadu and India.
  • To impart education in marketing of agricultural produce being cultivated in “anti, Nadu and India.
  • To represent before the State and Central level planning committee for the development of agricultural produce.
  • To promote and popularize schemes for processing, grading and standanlization of agricultural produce.
  • To work for the welfare of the agricultural labourers who performs manual labour on the agricultural land
  • To help the fanners to develop the dry land and make them fertile so as to do agricultural operation including for any purpose subservient thereto.
  • To wort for the welfare of cultivating tenant.
  • to construct, maintain. extend. alter, repair or improve canals. wells, water-tanks for the better irrigation of the fanners in and around and other villages in I until Nadu and
  • To acquire by purchase. take on lease, hire or by gift or otherwise and hold any movable or immovable property or properties or any rights or privileges that may be deemed necessary or usefid for the advancement of the objects of the Trust mentioned supra
  • To make aware the farmers the importance of percolation ponds and irrigation by triplication facilities.
  • To work liar the harmony of agriculture labourers and landlords.
  • Scholars doing surveys in the cultivation of agricultural produce with the introduction of appropriate scientific technology.
  • In establish. rnaintain. or grant aid for the establishment or maintenance of wells. tube wells. tanks w.er.reservoirs and trees and constructions of and repairs to paths. bridges etc. for the use oldie public
  • To provide portable drinking water facilities and shelter to the public at large.
  • To provide shelter to the girls redeemed from prostitutes and to provide then, training in vocational pursuits so as to live with their own means



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